Item Information
Primary User(s)Av-Matoran
Primary LocationMetru Nui, Karda Nui
FunctionalitiesDefense against Makuta
We just needed to get you away from that Lightvine that rings your village. Its glow is... annoying.


Lightvines were a type of plant in the Matoran Universe that gave off light.

There were two varieties of Lightvines, one that grew in Metru Nui and one in Karda Nui.

Metru Nui Lightvine

Lightvines in the Metru Nui Archives.

The Metru Nui variety was thin and gave a bright teal glow. The Karda Nui variety was thick and thorny and gave off a pale green glow. On Metru Nui, lightvines were seen in the Archives. In Karda Nui, they were wrapped around the Matoran villages to ward off Makuta. The Lightvine's bright light irritated the Makuta, which forced them to use other means of approach.

The lightvines in Karda Nui were destroyed when Mata Nui awoke.

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