Species Information
ColorsDark Green, Black, Silver, Red
WeaponsTail, fangs, wings
Species StatusAlive

Lohrak were a species of large winged serpent Rahi that were found both in Metru Nui and some portions of Mata Nui. The Lohrak were known for their sharp teeth and scaly, poisonous hide, which was covered in slime. They flew at high velocities and had large fangs. They were commonly found underground. They hunted in swarms, some of which were said to be able to defeat a Toa. As a result, Lohrak were considered a dangerous menace, particularly among Onu-Matoran miners. For a time, the creatures were even pronounced a protected species by Turaga Dume, in hopes of stopping digging projects that might unearth more monsters. The Toa Metru fought and defeated a swarm of Lohrak after escaping the Prison of the Dark Hunters, and later encountered a specimen mutated to monstrous size by the Visorak.

The Lohrak were originally created by Makuta Chirox, and then recreated by Makuta Mutran.

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