The mountain knows rage. When it's angry, the snows hurl from its peaks, and crash down in a terrible display. That is why we meditate on Peace.
— Lumi, Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle
Biographical Information
Species Matoran
Group Ko-Matoran
Mask Powerless Hau
Colors Light Grey, white
Element/Powers Ice
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Occupation Acolyte
Tools None
Location Spherus Magna
Status Alive
Pronunciation LOO-mee
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Lumi was a Ko-Matoran native to Metru Nui.


Metru Nui[]

Like all Ko-Matoran in the island city, Lumi lived and worked in Ko-Metru. He was rendered unconscious by Teridax, and placed in a Matoran Sphere. He was then rescued by the Toa Metru, and brought to Mata Nui.

Mata Nui[]


Lumi in his weakened form

Lumi meditated on Mt. Ihu's anger, as well as Ko-Koro's Principle of Peace on Mata Nui. He was present in the Sanctum when Takua visited it near the end of the Matoran-Rahi War, though he declined to speak to the Av-Matoran. After the Bohrok War, he was rebuilt by the Turaga into a stronger form. When Hahli visited the Sanctum during her training for the Great Kolhii Tournament, he spoke to her about the principle of Peace.

Return to Metru Nui[]

When he returned to Metru Nui, he helped to rebuild the city until the Staff of Artakha was used to repair the rest of it. He was also present during the ceremony for Matoro. After the defeat of Teridax, Lumi migrated to Spherus Magna with the other inhabitants of the Matoran Universe.



  • Lumi means "snow" in Finnish and Estonian. It is also used as a first name, though it is dominantly a female name.
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