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Species Information
WeaponsPoisonous skin and acidic venom
Species StatusAlive

Makika were large and very dangerous toad-like Rahi. They were created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the first Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe. The colony of Makika first settled in Po-Metru and shortly after the Great Cataclysm; some of the toads from the colony migrated to Mata Nui and settled into the sandy caves of Po-Wahi. Also an ice variety of these Rahi was also known to exist. Makika had very few natural predators because they were naturally poisonous.

A Makika captured Turaga Nokama (it is unknown how it got to Ga-Koro) and held her hostage. Takua threw a boulder at the Makika, stunning it long enough for the two to escape.

Matoran sometimes used their acidic venom in tunneling through stone or when mining by capturing most of these Rahi and extract their venom.

Later on, the Bohrok swarms drove away the Makika from their sandy caves while causing trouble to the Matoran on Mata Nui. The colony returned after the swarms finished cleansing the island; it is unknown if the Rahi evacuated from the Matoran Universe onto Spherus Magna.

Set infomation[]

Rahi Makika BIONICLE The Game

A Makika in BIONICLE: The Game

  • A Makika could be built by using the Bionicle Master Builder set.
  • Makika's set number was 10023 (shared by other Rahi in the same set).
  • It can be built from 53 pieces, out of the 102 pieces from the set.
  • The model was constructed so that squeezing the back causes the Makika's mouth to open.


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