Makoki Stone
Makoki Stones Assembled
Item Information
Primary User(s)Toa Hordika (formerly), Toa Mata (formerly)
Primary LocationNone
FunctionalitiesKeys to unlock entrances, reveal objects, etc.

The Makoki Stones were a series of rock objects used as keys through a magical bond. Originally they were one stone, but it was later split into six stones. The stone had a record of every Brotherhood of Makuta member, their skill level, weaknesses, current location, etc.


The stone was stolen by Vezok and Hakann while being guarded by Toa Lhikan. It was split into six pieces by "The Shadowed One" to make the ransom six times as much, creating six Makoki Stones.

The Toa Hordika had to find the Makoki Stones to get the Mask of Light. After assembling the six pieces, they arrived at a temple, where they placed the pieces onto a table to reveal the mask. The stones were then taken to Mata Nui.

Animation Toa Hordika using Makoki Stones

Toa Hordika using the Makoki Stones to obtain the Avokhii.

The Toa Mata used the Makoki Stones to unlock the passageway through Kini-Nui after receiving their Golden Kanohi.