Species Information
GroupOrder of Mata Nui, Brotherhood of Makuta
ColorsBlack, grey, white, yellow
Species StatusAlive

Mana-Ko were legendary crab Rahi believed to be Teridax's ultimate guardians. Mana-Ko tracked their prey by movement and could fire energy blasts. For all their power, they weren't very bright, when the Piraka encountered two in Teridax's lair, their repeated attacks kept blasting open escape routes for the thieves.

The Mana-Ko were in fact secretly loyal to the Order of Mata Nui. The Order tolerated the Brotherhood of Makuta's use of them, as the Mana-Ko sent vital information back to them, as well as guard Brotherhood weapons that the Order didn't want falling into the wrong hands. The Order of Mata Nui also trained the Mana Ko to shield their minds, in order to give them the ability to resist Teridax's Rahi control power.

Set Information[]

The Mana-Ko can be created by combining the two Manas in the Manas 2001 Titan set. They wore two yellow noble Komau.

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