This page is about the occupation from the original continuity. You may be looking for the Mask Makers from the 2015 reboot instead.
Mask Maker (2004)
Job Information
Job ClassificationTa-Matoran
PurposeCreating Kanohi

A Mask Maker was a Ta-Matoran Crafter on Metru Nui who was a master of the art of creating Kanohi masks out of Kanoka and liquid Protodermis. Mask Makers usually took apprentices to learn this art. Mask Makers use Firestaffs to carve and shape masks. They also sometimes had small Bohrok-like creatures helping them by taking away broken masks and bringing disks to them.

The best Mask Makers were contracted by Turaga Dume to work on special assignments. This was the highest honor they could achieve, attainable only by the greatest of their craft. An example is when Makuta in the disguise of Turaga Dume asked Vakama to forge the Mask of Time.

Known Mask Makers[]