This page is about the legendary brothers from the 2015 reboot. You may be looking for the occupation from the original continuity instead.

Mask Maker (2015)
Species Information
ColorsGold, aqua, bright purple
Tools and AbilitiesHammer of Power, Masks of Power

The Mask Makers, Ekimu and Makuta, were two brothers that made Masks of Power for the villagers on the island of Okoto. The islanders used their masks of power to shape their island, Okoto, transforming it into a fantastic place full of wonders and beautiful landscapes. The Mask Makers possessed special masks. Ekimu had the Mask of Creation, and Makuta had the Mask of Control.


Ashampoo Snap 2016.05

A picture of Makuta talking at the Capital city Museum from Bionicle Graphical Novel 02: The Battle of The Mask Makers.

Both brothers forged several Masks of Power for the islanders of Okoto, but Ekimu's were most treasured and the islanders always favored Ekimu's masks . Eventually, Makuta grew jealous of his brother, and in violation of a sacred law against creating a mask containing all six elements, he forged the Mask of Ultimate Power with recycled his old projects. Then he went to the Capital City Museum with the Groundskeeper to show the Mask of Ultimate Power to the villagers while Ekimu was busy. After making a small speech about the Mask of Ultimate Power, Makuta put on the mask. When he put it on, he was corrupted by it and the mask caused the entire island to shake and crumble.

Ashampoo Snap 2016.05

Ekimu's airship from Bionicle Graphical Novel 02: The Battle of The Mask Makers.

Ashampoo Snap 2016.05

A picture of Ekimu and Makuta's battle from Bionicle Graphical Novel 02: The Battle of The Mask Makers.

To stop Makuta from destroying Okoto, Ekimu came to the Capital City Museum via his airship. Ekimu shouted at Makuta to take off the mask, but the latter either coudn't hear Ekimu or refused to listen. Either way, Ekimu jumped from the airship, knocking the mask off Makuta's face with his Hammer of Power. The sudden disconnection caused a catalysmic shockwave. The shockwave resulting from the attack scattered the Masks of Power all over the island and left both Ekimu and Makuta incapacitated indefinitely. After the shockwave, the Ancient Protectors found Ekimu's lifeless body, where Ekimu whispered to them the Prophecy of Heroes. The Protectors later laid Ekimu to rest. After he was revived by the Toa millennia later, Ekimu continued his work.


Both Mask Makers bore special Masks of Power: Ekimu wore the Mask of Creation and Makuta wore the Mask of Control. Each also bore the Hammer of Power which they used both for making masks and for combat.