Mask of Aging
Matoran Mask of Aging
Mask of Aging
Power(s)Let user age target(s)
Notable Wearer(s)None known

The Mask of Aging was a Kanohi that gave its user the power to slightly accelerate the life processes of one or more targets to make them slower and weaker. The mask's power also worked on both non-living and inorganic targets.

Known WearersEdit




  • Toa considered this to be an immoral Kanohi.
  • The mask's power was the same as Voporak's aging power, but to a smaller degree.
  • This mask's power was inspired by the "sagging eyes" appearance of this mask.
  • The mask was originally part of a 2009 BZPower fan project, but BIONICLE writer Greg Farshtey approved it as official.
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