Mask of Control
Mask of Control
Power(s)Mind control
Notable Wearer(s)Makuta (formerly)
Umarak the Hunter (formerly)

The Mask of Control was the mask worn by Makuta during his time forging masks with Ekimu. Its counterpart was Ekimu's Mask of Creation.


Mutated Mask of Control

The mutated Mask of Control

The Mask of Control was worn by Makuta for an unknown number of years in his role as one of the Mask Makers. However, after forging the Mask of Ultimate Power, Makuta discarded this mask in favor of his new creation; after the battle between him and Ekimu it was recovered by the Elemental Creatures. The creatures hid the mask in the Labyrinth of Control, where it remained throughout the years Ekimu spent in a coma. After the Toa received new masks and armor from him and met the Elemental Creatures, they set out to recover the mask from the labyrinth so that it could be destroyed.

Umarak the Hunter succeeded in recovering the mask after he kidnapped Ketar, only to be mutated by Makuta's power after he donned the mask. With his increased powers, Umarak unleashed the Shadow Horde upon Okoto before making his way to the Black Volcano in order to open a portal to the Shadow Realm and free Makuta. The Mask of Control was later lost when Makuta sacrificed Umarak in order to enable his own escape from the Shadow Realm, which was promptly thwarted by the Toa.

Known Wearers[]


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