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This page is about the mask from the original continuity. You may be looking for the mask of the same name from the 2015 reboot instead.
The mask was the most ornate anyone had ever seen – more than just a Kanohi, it was a true work of art. The metallic protodermis from which it was forged was arranged in intricate patterns and designs, each reflecting one of the many cultures that flourished in the universe. The eye slits were angular and pointed, giving him an air of both wisdom and a vague sense of menace.
— Narration, Reign of Shadows
Mask of Creation (2007)
G1 Mask of Creation
Mask of Creation
Power(s)Let user envision product & instructions or create a product
Notable Wearer(s)Artakha

The Mask of Creation was a Legendary Kanohi, and one of the three most powerful known Kanohi in the Matoran Universe.


The only Mask of Creation ever crafted was forged by some of the Great Beings, including Heremus. Artakha won the right to wear this mask after he physically fought for it against his brother, Karzahni. Despite this, the Great Beings did not give Artakha the mask in person.

Since he won the Mask of Creation, Artakha used it many times to aid him in the designing of his creations. As Artakha wore and constantly used the Mask of Creation for over 100,000 years, he mastered the immense amount of willpower and mental ability to effectively use it. Artakha wore the Mask of Creation when he teleported to Metru Nui to confront the combatants in the Core Processor. Artakha was then teleported to outside the Matoran Universe, and later transported to Bota Magna, where he continued to wear the Mask of Creation.


Artakha Art

Artakha wearing the Mask of Creation

The Mask of Creation allowed its user to imagine a finished product from its raw component materials and learn how to construct it. The mask could also create an object if its user already knew how the object could be made. As mentioned earlier, since Artakha used the Mask of Creation for over 100,000 years, he mastered the immense willpower and mental discipline to use it.

As it was a Legendary Kanohi, if the Mask of Creation was damaged within the Matoran Universe, its powers would begin to slowly leak out and affect its surroundings; If it were to be destroyed while in the Matoran Universe, the inhabitants within would lose all of their creativity.

It was impossible to create a Great, Noble, or Powerless version of the Mask of Creation, as a weaker mask could not contain such an immense amount of power within itself. The Vahi, Ignika and Mask of Creation were on the same power level because Time, Life and Creativity were equal fundamental forces of the Matoran Universe.

Known Wearers[]


One persistent myth is that Artakha wears a mask designed by the Great Beings, a Kanohi Mask of Creation. While it does not actually bring things into being, it helps the wearer to envision how they should look and how they should be designed.
Toa Helryx, BIONICLE World


Artakha Contest Winner

The winning model for Artakha, with his Mask of Creation

  • Only the Great Beings knew how to make more Masks of Creation.
  • The Mask of Creation was carved in many different intricate styles to reflect the variety of cultures in the Matoran Universe.
  • The Mask of Creation's appearance was designed by TTV Message Boards member "Perp3tual" as part of the winning entry to TTV's BIONICLE Canon Contest #2: Meet the Maker. BIONICLE author Greg Farshtey approved the design--which was submitted alongside a depiction of Artakha--as the mask's canon appearance.[1]


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