Norik withdrew the object he found back in the village: an ornate mask, with an hourglass figure around the mouthpiece and ridged cheeks. The Kanohi of Elemental Energy. He tossed it to Varian. Immediately after donning it, she felt a rush of pure energy flowing through her body, revitalizing her powers. It wasn't enough to eliminate her exhaustion, but acted as a stimulant, giving her a much-needed boost.
— Narration, No One Gets Left Behind
Mask of Elemental Energy
Mask of Elemental Energy
Power(s)Lets user recharge Elemental powers
Notable Wearer(s)Varian (Formerly)

The Mask of Elemental Energy was a Kanohi that gave its user the power to quickly recharge their store of Elemental Energy. However, each Mask of Elemental Energy could only be used once. Additionally, the mask did not restore the user's full supply of Elemental Energy; instead, it merely acted as a quick boost.

Example Usage[]

Great: In No One Gets Left Behind, Toa Varian used a Mask of Elemental Energy to replenish her Psionic powers.

Known Wearers[]



  • This mask was featured in the 2003 video game, BIONICLE: The Game. Although the game itself was non-canon, the mask was later confirmed to be canon. In the game, the Mask of Elemental Energy was a healing item that, when used by the Toa Mata, restored all of the Toa's Elemental Energy. Its powers were activated instantly upon grabbing the mask, and each mask could be used only once.
  • The Mask of Elemental Energy also appeared in BIONICLE Heroes, although it was only viewed in the Trophy Room.
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