Mask of Healing
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Mask of Healing
Power(s)Let user heal physical injuries of another
Notable Wearer(s)A Toa Mangai of Plantlife (Formerly)

The Mask of Healing was a Kanohi that gave its user the power to heal various physical injuries of other living beings. Specifically, the mask-user could cure diseases, insanity caused by a physical ailment, and the organic parts of a wounded being. However, the mask's power could not remove viruses, heal its user, reverse mutations, or uninfect Infected Kanohi. In addition, the mask-user needed to have a basic understanding of the injury targeted in order to heal the damage.

The speed of the healing was determined by the user's willpower and the extent of the wound. As with any mask, its use drained the user's willpower and only worked as long as the user concentrated. Aside from mental exhaustion, this mask had no negative effects on the user.

The Noble Mask of Healing could keep wounds from growing worse, but it could not completely heal the damage.

Known Wearers[]



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