MoL Promo CD Cover Art

The Mask of Light Promo CD was a promotional disk released in 2003 to advertise the BIONICLE: Mask of Light film. The disk was distributed at Legoland in Windsor, England.

Synopsis of the film[]

This section presents a brief synopsis of the plot of Mask of Light.

Character Breakdown[]

This section provides descriptions of the prominent characters of Mask of Light, to include the Toa Nuva, Takua, Jaller, and Teridax. Exclusive wallpapers were also available for download on each character's screen.

Interactive Games[]

MoL Promo CD Games

The games screen

This section featured six interactive games, each based on an individual Toa Nuva:

Exclusive BIONICLE Screensaver[]

This section featured a download for an exclusive Mask of Light screensaver, consisting of stills from the film.

DVD Extras[]

This section advertises the DVD Special Features for Mask of Light, such as featurette "Making of BIONICLE: Mask of Light", the Mata Nui Explorer, and the Intro to 2004, among others.

Movie Trailer[]

This section featured a full-length trailer for the film.

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