Mask of Mutation
Mask of Mutation
Mask of Mutation
Power(s)Let user permanently mutate target
Notable Wearer(s)Miserix

The Mask of Mutation was one of the many types of Kanohi found within the Matoran Universe.


A Great Mask of Mutation gave its user the power to permanently mutate another living being to suit the user's liking; the user could mutate the target from over a distance. The mutation caused by the mask was permanent, unless it was undone by the mask user. The mask-user could undo changes and mutations not committed by the user, but without knowing how the target was originally mutated, it will make it harder for the user to fix the changes. Additionally, the mask-user cannot mutate themselves. The mask was unable to reverse mutations caused by Energized Protodermis.

The Noble Mask of Mutation had the same powers as the Great, except on a weaker level and could not be done over as great a distance.

Known Wearers[]


  • Makuta Miserix - Wore shapeshifted version
  • Other Makuta - Formerly; deceased


  • Despite being a Kanohi used by Miserix, the Mask of Mutation was not considered to be an immoral mask, as Miserix was not part of the Makuta's rebellion. Despite this, only Makuta wore Masks of Mutation.
  • The Mask of Mutation worn by the Makuta were created out of protosteel. As a side-effect of being worn by shapeshifters, whenever the Makuta shapeshifted, their Mask of Mutation would change with them.
  • Mutran's mask was originally intended to be the Mask of Mutation, under the name of Kanohi "Artidax." However, it was later changed to a Shelek, and Artidax became the name of an island.
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