Mask of Psychometry
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Mask of Psychometry
Power(s)Let user see an object's past via contact
Notable Wearer(s)Helryx
"She picked up a piece of crimson Rahkshi armor and called on the power of her mask. This time, she saw a place she did not recognize. Makuta Chirox was there, and a silvery pool, but not just any pool, no, this one had a figure emerging from it: a being actually made of Energized Protodermis. She concentrated hard and the location came to her: an island just north of the one her newest ally came from."
—Narration, Destiny War

The Mask of Psychometry was a Kanohi that gave its user the power to see the past history of an object simply by touching it. However, the user has no control over what they see, and the mask's power cannot be used on living targets or multiple targets at once.

Example UsageEdit

Great: In Destiny War, Order of Mata Nui leader Helryx used her Mask of Psychometry to discover a previously unknown source of Energized Protodermis by touching a piece of crimson Rahkshi armor.

Known WearersEdit


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