Summoning the power of his Mask of Rahi Control, [Kualus] touched the mind of a massive Rahi dwelling in the Archives not far below. In response, a huge claw smashed its way through the pavement and grabbed Nuparu.
— Narration, Dwellers In Darkness
Mask of Rahi Control
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Mask of Rahi Control
Power(s)Let user control Rahi
Notable Wearer(s)Kualus

The Mask of Rahi Control was a Kanohi that gave its user the power to control one or more of any type of Rahi at once. Most Rahi cannot resist the effects of the mask's power, with the possible exceptions of Krahka and Keetongu. The Mask of Rahi Control's power is not nearly as effective on insects and insectoid Rahi as it is on other types of animals.

Example Usage[]

Great: In Dwellers In Darkness, Kualus used his Mask of Rahi Control to summon a Rahi from the Archives to stop a fight. However, Hahli broke his concentration, releasing the Rahi from his control.

Known Wearers[]


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