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This page is about the rebooted version of the mask from 2016. You may be looking for the original version instead.
Mask of Shadows (2016)
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Mask of Shadows
Notable Wearer(s)Umarak (formerly)

The Mask of Shadows gave several shadow-based abilities and was originally worn by Umarak. One of these was to sneak into the shadows, allowing a form of teleportation. The user could also create shadow clones of themself and their animated tools (such as Shadow Traps) to assist during battle. The user could manipulate shadows to restrain others. However, the powers of the mask are only effective in shaded areas, and as such cannot be used when the user is weakened when surrounded by light.

The mask worn by Umarak was abandoned when he wore the Mask of Control.

Known Wearers

  • Umarak - Formerly, was abandoned.

Set Info

  • The Mask of Control is included with the Umarak the Hunter set in Winter 2016.
  • A corrupted version, blended with trans red-orange, is included with the Ekimu The Mask Maker set.
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