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This page is about the rebooted version of the mask from 2015. You may be looking for the original version instead.
Mask of Time (2015)
Mask of Time 2015
Mask of Time
Power(s)Visions across Time
Notable Wearer(s)Ekimu (Formerly)

The Mask of Time was a special Mask of Power worn by the Mask Maker Ekimu. Said to be older than Okoto itself, it was kept in the Temple of Time. It was once used by Ekimu to look into the future; it was this vision that would lead him to create the Golden Masks of Power. According to legend, the lower half of the mask is missing, and hence it is incomplete.

The ancient name for this mask is Vahi, the same name as the original Mask of Time from Generation 1.

Known Wearers[]

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