Mask of Undeath
Mask of Undeath
Mask of Undeath
Power(s)Reanimated wearer posthumously
Notable Wearer(s)None known

The Mask of Undeath was a Kanohi which siphoned off a tiny part of its user's life-force from their body, which it then used to reanimate their body after they died. When killed, the dead body was then animated by the collected life-force and continued its previous objective from life. The mask gave the user no other power and actually slowed down their thinking and movement. While undead, the user lost all illumination in their eyes.

Known Wearers[]




  • The mask was originally part of a BZPower fan project, but BIONICLE writer Greg Farshtey approved it as official.
  • This mask power was inspired by its black eyes and 'deathly appearance'.
  • Toa considered this to be an immoral mask, as the mask basically turned its wearer into a zombie. Most beings saw this Kanohi as being bad luck and taboo.
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