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This page is about the masks featured in 2015. You may be looking for the masks of the original continuity instead.
Masks of Power
The 3 Legendary Golden Maks
Power(s)Gives user various powers
Notable Wearer(s)Protectors, Masters, Ekimu, Makuta

The Masks of Power were a special type of mask on Okoto imbued with special abilities, which its user could tap into and control. Masks of Power were forged into a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, each with its own unique power. Masks with similar powers to that of the Pakari and Kakama have been mentioned.

Known Masks of Power[]

Mask Maker[]


Golden Masks of Power[]

Masks of Power
Mask Makers: Mask of CreationMask of ControlMask of TimeMask of Ultimate Power
Masters: Mask of FireMask of WaterMask of JungleMask of StoneMask of EarthMask of Ice
Golden Masks: Golden Mask of FireGolden Mask of WaterGolden Mask of Jungle
Golden Mask of StoneGolden Mask of EarthGolden Mask of IceGolden Mask of the Skull Spiders
Unity Masks: Unity Mask of FireUnity Mask of WaterUnity Mask of Jungle
Unity Mask of StoneUnity Mask of EarthUnity Mask of Ice
Golden Unity Masks: Golden Unity Mask of FireGolden Unity Mask of WaterGolden Unity Mask of Jungle
Golden Unity Mask of StoneGolden Unity Mask of EarthGolden Unity Mask of Ice
Other Masks: Protector MaskOkotan MaskSkull MaskMask of Shadows