This page is about the 2002 game. You may be looking for the 2003 explorer or the movie explorer instead.
Mata Nui Explorer (2002)
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Online Game Information
Availability Retired
Platform PC
Controls Keyboard, Mouse
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Mata Nui Explorer (2002) was an online game released in 2002 which allowed players to explore the island of Mata Nui.


The game allowed players to explore all six villages of Mata Nui, along with Kini-Nui. Within each level are several functions which allowed the player to move the camera backwards and forwards, sideways and rotate 360°.

The graphics of each area simply consists of simple, 3D images of a small region with several Matoran Homes dotted on the area. A panel is included at the top right of the game screen, which allows the player to see visually which part of the region they are viewing, along with links at the bottom which allows the players to move to other areas.


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