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The Mata Nui Online Game, known during its first release as the Mata Nui Adventure Game, was the first of the Online Games on A point-and-click adventure game made in Flash, it featured the Matoran Takua as the main character as he traveled across Mata Nui, witnessing (and sometimes even influencing) such important events such as the coming of the Toa Mata, the first battle against Makuta, and the awakening of the Bohrok. It was very popular, and served as a means of experiencing the world and culture of Mata Nui firsthand. An offline version was made available for download from March 2006-February 2009.

A sequel was made, the Mata Nui Online Game II: The Final Chronicle, but it was glitch-ridden and wasn't as popular, until a group called BioMedia Project helped remove the glitches and made various updates to the offline game (with the permission from the team who created MNOG II). It has since been removed from & It was re-released by Templar Studios in 2013.


Tahu's Arrival[]

The adventure picks up immediately after the events of BIONICLE: Quest for the Toa, with the player as an amnesiac Takua on the beach of Ta-Wahi. Almost immediately, he spots a large, opened Toa Canister lying on the beach before him, with a set of large footprints in the sand leading away from it. Takua follows them into a field of volcanic rock, where he catches a glimpse of a tall, red-armored being, who then walks away.

Turning back toward the beach, Takua's attention is again redirected by a distressed-looking Ga-Matoran yelling for help.

Trapped Undersea[]

The blue-armoured Matoran introduces herself as Maku, and tells Takua that her village has been attacked by a vicious Tarakava, and she is the sole escapee. Having lost his memory, the Ta-Matoran has no idea what she is talking about, but decides to help Maku anyway.

Borrowing Maku's boat, Takua travels to Ga-Koro to discover that it has indeed been attacked and heavily damaged, but initially sees no sign of the villagers. However, he eventually spots a thin tube poking out of the water, with female voices issuing from it. The lead speaker identifies herself as Turaga Nokama, and tells Takua that she and the other Ga-Koronans had taken refuge inside a hut during the Tarakava's attack, but the Rahi had damaged the pump that keeps the hut afloat, trapping the Ga-Matoran underwater, with a slowly decreasing air supply.

To save them, Takua borrows a Lightstone from Nokama's Hut, and quickly locates the pump's missing piece at the bottom of the sea. He fixes and reactivates the pump, raising the Ga-Matoran's hut to the surface and freeing them... Right as the Tarakava returns for another attack.

Right as the reptilian Rahi is about to kill Nokama with a blow from its powerful arms, the Toa of Water, Gali leaps in to block the blow, and engages the monster one-on-one. After a brief duel, Gali jumps onto the Tarakava's back and "rides" it into the sea. Following a brief, unseen struggle underwater, the now-docile Tarakava emerges along with Gali, who triumphantly holds up a rusted, tarnished mask.

Return to Ta-Koro[]

As Ga-Koro is being rebuilt, Takua takes a boat back to Ta-Wahi, and decides to do some exploring in the area where he had first glimpsed Tahu. Eventually, he wanders into a shadowy, dangerous forest of burnt, dead trees, filled with the howls of unseen monsters. As he continues tentatively through, he encounters a lone, red Matoran moving very, very slowly. This strange Matoran introduces himself as Kapura, and explains that he is "practicing." Eventually, Takua moves on, and re-discovers the volcanic village of Ta-Koro. Here, he encounters Turaga Vakama, who reveals that the Matoran had been banished from Ta-Koro.

However, Vakama goes on to describe the arrival of Tahu, the red Toa that the Matoran had first glimpsed on the beach, and how the Ta-Koro Guard, led by Jala, had accidentally mistook Tahu for a Rahi, and caught him in their trap. Fortunately, Vakama arrived before anyone got hurt, and explained Tahu's presence. This, the Turaga tells the wanderer, is a joyous day for the Ta-Matoran, but also mentions that he's receiving prophecies predicting the arrival of another unknown hero, of which he is uncertain...


Leaving Vakama's hut, Takua ventures from Ta-Koro into a large network of tunnels, which eventually brought him into Onu-Koro, an underground village lit by lightstones. After helping a group of miners access a cave filled with lightstone, the Ta-Matoran travels down a tunnel route marked "Le-Koro", only to happen upon a large group of Onu-Matoran digging a highway to Le-Koro. After talking with one of them, Taipu, the Onu Matoran successfully break through into the bright, verdant forest of Le-Wahi. Taipu, who has always dreamed of visiting the lush jungle, begs Takua to take him along on his journey to Le-Koro, and the Ta-Matoran is forced to accept. Taipu is ecstatic, but when he spots the tree village of Le-Koro, he is promptly abducted by a Nui-Rama.


Takua continues onward until reaching the giant tree that Le-Koro was built in. Traveling up to the village, Takua finds a Flute lying in the main courtyard. Playing the tune on it that he could access, he is able to summon the few Matoran that were still in the village, led by Kongu and Tamaru, who explain the situation about how Turaga Matau and many of the Matoran have been taken by the Nui-Rama to their hive. Moments later, Tamaru sees another Rama swarm approaching, and Kongu sounds the alarm and deploys the Gukko Force to intercept them. However, he can't take to the skies personally on his Kahu, Ka, until he has someone to serve as his second to man Ka's disc launcher to fight off the Nui-Rama that would damage Ka's wings if they got too close. Takua takes up arms as Kongu's second, and they are able to battle their way past the Rahi to the hive and enter it. Inside, they find Matau, Taipu, and the Le-Matoran working in the hive as miners, guarded by Hoto, who taser anyone slacking off, as one does to Taipu when he stops digging in defeat, forcing him to re-double his efforts to avoid being zapped again. However, something ambushes Kongu and wounds Ka on his wing, forcing him to crash-land. Kongu and Takua are unharmed, and speaking to Matau, they learn of how the Toa of Air is now under Makuta's control thanks to an infected Kanohi mask. Moments after, Lewa arrives, and proves Matau's claim true as he now sports an infected version of his Kanohi mask. He is soon joined by a Nui-Kopen in possession of his real Kanohi.

However, it is then that the the Toa of Earth suddenly erupts from the ground to confront Lewa. Lewa moves to attack upon being ordered to by the Nui-Kopen, but Onua switches to a Kanohi Hau to block Lewa's strike and send him reeling. This temporarily snaps Lewa back to his senses, but the infected Kanohi quickly puts him back in Makuta's control and he attacks Onua again, soon overpowering him and slamming him into a wall. As a Hoto crawls onto Onua's shoulder as Lewa and the Nui-Kopen block his front, Onua switches to a Kanohi Matatu and levitates the Hoto and several small rocks that he flings at Lewa. Lewa easily cut the rocks to pieces, but is caught off-guard by the Hoto, before it smacks him clean in the face, knocking off the infected Miru. Matau quickly shouts to Onua to get Lewa's original Miru from the Nui-Kopen, and using his Matatu, Onua does just that. Once Lewa puts his original Miru back on, fulling freeing him from Makuta's thrall, he then sees to jumping onto the Nui-Kopen and using a Kanohi Komau to take control of the Nui-Kopen. Aided by Kongu once Ka recovered, Lewa and Onua use Ka and the Nui-Kopen to transport Taipu, Takua, Matau, and the Matoran safely back to Le-Koro, where a ceremony is held as Lewa receives his Golden Kanohi Miru.

The Infected Koli Balls[]

Traveling back to Onu-Wahi and taking the other fork leading out to Po-Wahi, a vast desert, Takua makes his way to the entrance of Po-Koro, hidden inside a carved out mountain where he soon notices that many Matoran are ill, including famed Koli Champion Huki. After speaking to another Koli player who was at the Koli arena playing with his new Comet Ball, after the Matoran leaves when he starts to fall ill, Takua finds the Comet to be infected, and takes it to show Turaga Onewa. Having got evidence of what is making his Matoran sick, Onewa asks Takua to investigate Ahkmou, the merchant selling the Comets. Ahkmou refuses to disclose his source of the Comets, but while his back is turned, Takua grabs a strange key that was lying on the pile of Comets, and travels across Po-Wahi to the Quarry, where the key fits into a slot beneath one of the Toa Mata's Kanohi, leading to an underground room where the Comets were found, along with the source of their infection, an infected Kanohi Hau, but guarded by a Nui-Jaga scorpion Rahi. At that moment, the Toa of Stone arrives to assist, but the Nui-Jaga blinds him with its venom. Pohatu thus asks Takua to serve as his eyes to help him destroy the nest by helping him launch the Comets at the various supports around the area to cause a cave-in. Once Pohatu, his sight having returned, takes out the last support, the Nui-Jaga retreats as the place begins to collapse, and Pohatu gets himself and Takua to safety using his Kanohi Kakama. Pohatu thanks Takua for his help, and prepares to head back to Po-Koro to collect the rest of the Comets and see to their demise, hopefully saving Huki and everyone else from the infection, before taking his leave and being gone an instant later thanks to his Kakama.

By the time Takua returns to Po-Koro himself, Onewa reveals that Pohatu has come and gone already, and Huki and the other infected Matoran are recovering. Ahkmou has also disappeared, his merchant booth saying he went fishing. As thanks, Onewa gives a chisel to Takua to present to Nokama back in Ga-Koro.

The Chronicler[]

When Takua returns to Ga-Koro and shows the chisel to Nokama, she gives him the Book of Chronicles to keep track of all the events he's witnessed thus far. Shortly thereafter, Takua returns to Ta-Koro and meets up with Jala, who mentions having lost contact with the Ta-Koro Guardsmen at the outpost on the border with Ko-Wahi. Concerned, Jala makes Takua a member of the Ta-Koro Guard, giving him a Ta-Koro Ensign Badge to be granted access to the gondola that serves as transport between Ta-Wahi and Ko-Wahi. Once at the gondola, Takua takes it to Ko-Wahi, and finds the outpost, finding the Matoran all dead, sans one Ko-Matoran named Kopeke, frozen in the ice. Finding a Heat Stone, Takua thaws Kopeke out, and he returns to his own outpost that leads to Ko-Koro, revealing that the Ta-Matoran Guardsmen were lured out into the glaciers and probably were attacked by the Rahi, leaving no survivors. Once in Ko-Koro, Takua attempts to speak to Turaga Nuju, but without his translator Matoro, he can't. Takua is permitted to enter Mount Ihu's dangerous snow drifts to try to find Matoro, who marked his path with flags to guide anyone looking for him. As Takua follows Matoro's path, he soon encounters a statue of Mata Nui bearing an ominous inscription on it: "Beware The Swarm".

As Takua continues to try to follow Matoro's path, the blizzard conditions finally cause him suffer snow blindness and collapse as the weather overwhelms him, having a vision of the warning he read earlier, before waking up to find that Matoro had found and recovered him, bringing him to his cave to recover, offering him food and telling him to rest while he keeps watch. As the two wait out the blizzard, Matoro is soon warned by his alarm system that they have company. Going out to investigate, he spots a figure in the distance through his Kanohi Akaku, but is then ambushed by a Muaka, who easily swats Matoro aside when he tries to stand up to it. Before the Muaka could finish Matoro off, the figure, revealed to be Kopaka, Toa of Ice, arrives to confront the Muaka. First attempting to ambush the Muaka using the Kanohi Huna to launch sneak attacks on it, the Muaka soon figures out Kopaka's strategy by watching for his footprints and striking back, grabbing Kopaka, flailing him in its mouth, and tossing him aside. Kopaka quickly recovers, and then uses a Kanohi Mahiki to create two duplicates of himself to confuse the Muaka. Unable to discern which one is the real Kopaka, the Muaka ends up attacking a holographic double before all three stab the cliff with their swords and sever the end that the Muaka is on from the main glacier, sending the Muaka plummeting down the mountainside, bellowing in anguish. Matoro then joins what he thinks is Kopaka, but was one of his illusionary doubles when Kopaka switches back to his own Akaku and disperses them.

After Matoro and Takua return to Ko-Koro, Takua is able to speak to Nuju as Matoro translates what he says, and explaining that the Toa are on their way to the Kini-Nui to prepare to head down to confront Makuta in his lair in Mangaia, Nuju gives Takua a message to take to the other Turaga to warn them to prepare their villages for battle with the Rahi and to gather Matoran to take to the Kini-Nui to aid the Toa.

Warning the People[]

As Takua makes his way to each of the Koros to warn them, when he presents the warning from Nuju to Nokama, she has Ga-Koro fortified with surrounding the village with bamboo poles and stationing two Matoran to guard the entrance so speaking to them would open it instead of the original weight-balancing lock. While Takua is doing this, he encounters Kapura again, who was sent by Vakama to join Takua as part of the coalition to help the Toa. At each village, Takua gains the support of one Matoran to join his company: Aside from Kapura to represent Ta-Koro, Takua also recruits Maku from Ga-Koro, Hafu from Po-Koro at the fork in the road in the desert where he was normally found working on his artwork, Taipu for Onu-Koro after finding him in the Great Mine by the sundial, Tamaru for Le-Koro as he was guarding the base of the village's giant tree, and Kopeke for Ko-Koro from his forward lookout station before entering the village.

Together, they return to Ga-Koro, where Maku finds her old boat she had hidden in some bushes to allow them into the secret passage way under the Ga-Koro Waterfall. Upon reaching where the bridge was out, Tamaru is able to swing across to provide another means across the gap. At a large rockslide, Hafu and Taipu work together to clear the obstruction. Finally, reaching a locked door, noticing it needed a key of some sort to open it, Kopeke crafts one from a large icicle to serve as the key, and the door opens. Through it, Takua and his team find the Kini-Nui, and rendezvous with the Toa there.

Defending the Temple[]

As Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Onua, Kopaka, and Pohatu prepare to head down to find Makuta and deal with him, Lewa pauses, asking who will defend the Kini-Nui while they are underground dealing with Makuta. Tahu admits he had not thought of that initially, but when Onua notices Takua and his team and believes them to be intruders, Gali orders him to stand down as she is glad that Takua showed up with so many Matoran to help them out and protect the temple for them. Lewa warns of the threat the Rahi pose, and Pohatu also agrees that big things come in small packages, so trusting Takua and his company to protect the temple is their best option. Tahu agrees, and tasks Takua and his team to protect the temple from the Rahi at all costs. Before joining the other Toa, Gali tells Takua that she'll use her mind link with him to give him visions of what they encounter down in the underground as they look for Makuta and to learn from them. With a final wish of good luck, she joins Tahu and the others as they dawn their Golden Kanohi and descend into the depths to find Makuta.

As Takua and his team protect the Kini-Nui from the Rahi, Gali's mind link with Takua shows him when the Toa unite into the Toa Kaita Akamai and Wairuha and encounter the elite Rahi protecting Makuta's lair of Mangaia, the Manas. When one Manas tackles Wairuha into one of the towers around them, this causes another Manas to short-circuit and deactivate, revealing the towers to be the Manas' weak spot. The Toa Kaita destroy the towers, shutting down the Manas, before proceeding towards Mangaia. However, upon entering, the Makuta's power causes the Toa Kaita to be reverted back into the Toa. Before her mind link with Takua is broken, Gali gives her last command to him to find them before it is severed.

Back with Takua and his team, when there's a moment's lull in the action, Tamaru is suddenly sneak attacked by a Muaka, knocking him backwards. The Muaka is soon joined by a Tarakava, before two Nui-Jaga and a whole swarm of Nui-Rama appear as well. The Matoran prepare for a last stand against insurmountable odds, but just as a Nui-Rama is about to strike them, its masks are knocked off by, of all Matoran, Kongu, swooping in on Ka to assist Tamaru and the others. Moments later, Onepu and the Ussalry arrive to assist as well on their Ussal crabs, and on a cliff, Jala arrives with the Ta-Koro Guard to assist as well, ordering his men to open fire with their discs, sending dozens of them at the Rahi. However, one Nui-Rama struck down by the assault hits Takua, knocking him out.

When he recovers, the battle is over in favor of the Matoran. The Rahi have been defeated or driven off. Onepu then explains that Turaga Whenua wishes to speak to Takua, and Puku, having come with the Ussalry, gives Takua a lift back to Onu-Koro.

Toa vs Makuta[]

Upon arriving back in Onu-Koro, where any entrance to the village is now sealed with only the door to the Great Mine still open, Whenua explains to Takua that the Golden Hau at the bottom of the sundial in the Great Mine has disappeared. Spooked by it, the Matoran miners have evacuated and abandoned the mine entirely. When Takua goes to investigate, he uncovers a secret lift that takes him down into Mangaia, just in time to witness the Toa as they face Makuta. Taking the appearance of a fully-infected Matoran, Makuta explains that he is the physical manifestation of destruction, as what the Matoran can build, they can also destroy, as Makuta represents destruction while his brother Mata Nui represents creation. They came from nothing, and it is into nothing they will return. When Makuta then explains he will destroy the Toa, when they doubt that due to his appearance, Makuta transforms himself into the swirling vortex seen above, and attacks the Toa. Individually, they are overpowered, but upon combining their elemental powers against Makuta to maintain the three doctrines of Unity, Duty, and Destiny, they appear to defeat him, even as Makuta reiterates his mantra that he can't be destroyed, for he is nothing. After Makuta is defeated, the Toa are teleported away, leaving Takua alone in the aftermath of the battle.

Awaken the Swarms[]

However, another door opens, and when Takua goes to investigate, he finds the lair of the Bohrok Swarms, currently in hibernation. But as he looks into one of the pods, the Bohrok within awakens and burst forth from it. Terrified, Takua flees from the Bohrok as more begin to awaken and burst out of their pods, only to soon find a pedestal that could be his escape route. As the Bohrok close in, Takua fiddles through the gear in his backpack until locating the chisel he got from Onewa. Placing it in the slot in the pedestal, he activates it, and is transported out of the Bohrok lair and back onto the Ta-Wahi beach where his adventure first started.

Finding Vakama there, the Turaga commends Takua on his adventures and knowing of what it was he saw down in Mangaia, but for now, suggests that they focus on returning to Ta-Koro as it is time to celebrate. Together, Vakama and Takua head home to Ta-Koro, as fireworks light up the sky, and the Red Star is part of the constellation representing the Great Spirit Mata Nui.


Chapter One:[]

  • Prophecy

Takua awakes on a beach, and learns the legend of how Great Spirit Mata Nui was cast into a deep sleep by his jealous brother Makuta, and the prophecy foretelling the arrival of six heroes who will arrive to save the Matoran.

The player discovers a large silver canister on the beach, and notices footprints leading away from it. Following the prints in the sand, the player discovers a silhouetted figure standing on the edge of a cliff of volcanic rock; the figure briefly looks over his shoulder and locks eyes with the Matoran, then strides away into the smoke.

Chapter Two:[]

Chapter Three:[]

Chapter Four:[]

Chapter Five:[]

  • The Undercity of Onu-Koro
  • A Strange Discovery

Chapter Six:[]

Chapter Seven:[]

Chapter Eight:[]

  • Alliance
  • A Final Defense
  • The Toa Enter the Lair

Chapter Nine:[]




Lewa, Toa of Air






  • The popularity of the game was such that the first BIONICLE movie, Mask of Light, drew heavy inspiration from it.
  • A good deal of changes and cuts were made to the game during its release:
    • More minigames were intended to appear; the only known one involved Takua helping the Onu-Koro guard fend off a horde of cave-dwelling Kofo-Jaga. Though they are never seen, they are mentioned by a number of Onu-Koronans to Takua. Other Rahi, such as the Kuma-Nui, are equally absent, though dialogue mentioning them is also still present.
    • Originally there was going to be a seventh tribe of "Shadow Matoran", who would have been responsible for the creation of the infected Comets, with which they intended to infect the other villages as well. It is unknown if these served as the inspiration for the corrupted Av-Matoran, also referred to as Shadow Matoran, later on.
    • Matau was originally supposed to be seen in his hut.
    • Two characters referred to as Papu and Rangi were also cut from the game.
  • The Great Telescope on the cliffs of Ta-Wahi is used by astrologers to predict the future by pinpointing the Red Star's location in the sky; curiously, in addition to predicting the arrival of the Toa and the Bohrok, many of the carvings in the Telescope's base seem to predict a good deal of the future of the series itself; for example, one image bears a strong resemblance to the visage of the Great Spirit Robot, who would not be revealed until years later. Another image depicts an unknown Turaga raising an unknown mask of presumably great power - possibly either depicting the Turaga's presentation of the Vahi to Tahu Nuva or even the discovery of the Avohkii. Still another carving depicts a lone hero descending into Makuta's lair, possibly foretelling the coming of Takanuva, the seventh Toa (this prophecy was also apparently referenced by Vakama, who told Takua shortly after the coming of the first six Toa that he had just foreseen the arrival of "another.")

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