Mata Nui Online Game II was a game released on in 2003. It was a sequel to the first game MNOG. This time the player would be Hahli and would travel from koro to koro collecting crystals, accomplishing tasks and playing Kolhii. After a while it was taken off from but was later brought back to the site. But this time it was glitch-ridden and whole files were missing. The game wasn't finishable and hardly even playable.

Then a BZPower user called Biomaniac created an offline MNOG II and fixed most of the glithes. But the biggest problem with the offline game was that it couldn't autosave. You would have to edit a file called "getstate.asp" to save. This version was later modified by jetslandingboard (also of BZP) with the ability to save without the long and complicated scripting process. However, the original "getstate" file must be kept if the player ever wishes to restart.

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