The Matoran of Mata Nui developed a small paramilitary organization to fight and defend against Makuta's Rahi. It had subdivisions managed by Koro, the more prominent being the Ta-Koro guard, the Le-Koro Gukko force, and the Onu-Koro Ussalry.



Ta-Koro Guard[]

A force devoted to the defense of Ta-Koro and the surrounding area, the Ta-Koro guard was headed by Jaller, its captain, and would often lay traps for Rahi, one of which accidentally captured an amnesiac Tahu. The Ta-Koro guard was at the head of the military on Mata Nui, and had a system of call signs. By the time of the Mask of Light crisis, the Ta-Koro guard oversaw a fortress around the city. Jaller (Captain), Kapura (Deputy), Kalama, Nuri, Takua (Temporarily), Keahi, Agni , and Brander are the known members of the Ta-Koro Guard. They used Ta-Koro Guard spears, and bamboo disks in battle.The Ta-Koro Guard is the biggest Matoran military force on Mata Nui.

Le-Koro Gukko Force[]

Mata Nui's Air Force, the Gukko squads defended Le-Koro and the surrounding area of Le-Wahi against Nui-Rama and Nui-Kopen attacks. This group rode their birds well, wielding dual disk launchers. Led by Kongu, this group could also fight on "foot", "wind-flying" through the trees of the jungle. They were agile in both configurations, and usually fought with guerrilla warfare in ambushes. Kongu (the leader), Orkahm (an officer), Vira, Shu, Taiki, and Boreas are the members of the gukko force. They used dual disk launchers and bamboo disks in battle. The Gukko Force is the second biggest Matoran military force on Mata Nui, behind the Ta-Koro Guard.

Ko-Koro Guard (Sanctum Guard)[]

Matoro, Kopeke, Talvi, Pakastaa, and Ehrye are the known members of Ko-Koro Guard (Sanctum Guard). They used icepicks, and bamboo disks in battle. The Ko-Koro Guard (Sanctum Guard) is strong enough, to defend Ko-Koro.

Onu-Koro Ussalry[]

Onepu (the leader), Taipu, Nuparu, Damek, and Kaj are the known Ussalry members. They riding on Ussal crabs, and they used bamboo disks, pickaxes and lightstone-spears in battle. The Ussalry is the third biggest Matoran military force on Mata Nui, behind the Ta-Koro Guard and the Gukko Force.

Po-Koro Guard[]

Hewkii, Hafu, Ally, and Piatra are the known Po-Koro members of Po-koro guard. They used pickaxes, and bamboo disks in battle.

Ga-Koro Guard[]

Macku, Kotu, Shasa, Amaya, and Vhisola are the known members of Ga-Koro guard. They used spears, fishhooks, hatchets, sickles, nets, and bamboo disks in battle.