In the time before time, existed a city called Metru Nui. Here Matoran worked and thrived, like these Scholars in Ko-Metru. Now a mysterious menace threatens to bring down all the Matoran have built! Six Matoran hold the key to defeating this threat, but one of them plans to betray the others... and all six have disappeared!


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Matoran Promotional Comic
Issue Information
Alternate titleMatoran
WriterNone credited
IllustratorNone credited
ColorerNone credited
LettererNone credited
SeriesSet Comics
Number in series5
Previous comicRahkshi Promotional Comic
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The Matoran Promotional Comic was a small mini-comic released alongside the six Metru Nui Matoran sets in early 2004. It was also packaged with certain Toa Metru sets. The comic's narration was bilingual, written in both English and French.


Metru Nui appears and is introduced. The Morbuzakh now threatens to destroy the city. Only the six Great Disks can stop the plant, and only six Matoran know their locations. However, these Matoran have disappeared! The fate of the entire city rests upon the shoulders of six newly-created Toa Metru. This is the beginning of their story.







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