Meet the Mistika is an online video and TV advertisement for the Mistika.


Makuta Krika emerges from the swamp under a branch with a Keystone in it. He looks around before fully emerging, picks the keystone and examines it in his spikes, but Tahu flies out of the mist and grabs it from him, then flies away. Gorast is standing on a tree trunk just as Tahu flies beneath it. She pursues and fires her Nynrah Ghostblaster, but Tahu performs an amazing mid-air flip in slow motion, using his rotating shield to repel the Nynrah Ammo, then returns to his original position and flies onward, leaving Gorast behind. Bitil is clinging to a tree as Tahu flies around it, he screams in anger and flies after him. Tahu lands on a tree branch, Gali and Onua come from the oposite direction that he came just as the three Makuta close in. They all fire their Ghostblasters, forcing Tahu to jump from the branch. After Tahu flies off the branch, all three head toward the sphere known as the Codrex.