Metru Mantis
Metru Mantis
Species Information
WeaponsMandibles and venom
Species StatusAlive
PronunciationMET-troo Man-tiz
You could call these Rahi the 'enemy of our enemy.' Knowing that the Visorak hate them, Bomonga and I have made a special effort to capture them and keep them safe in the Archives. We hope to unleash them as a strike force against the hordes at the right moment.

–Rahaga Norik, BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

Metru Mantis are mantis Rahi that are generally tame, but feed on other insectoids, such as the Visorak. They are generally six to eight feet tall and nocturnal. Metru Mantis have sedative venom. The Rahaga have been keeping them safe in the Archives, planning to unleash them as a strike force against the Visorak. However, before they could be unleashed, Vakama disbanded the horde.

Following the destruction of the Matoran Universe, the Metru Mantises fled the robot and thrived on Spherus Magna



  • The Metru Mantis is featured in BIONICLE Heroes as a golden construct.
  • This model set was designed by Eric Richter.
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