Midak Skyblaster
Weapon Information
PowerFires spheres of light
FunctionRanged combat
User(s)Toa Nuva
StatusIn use

Midak Skyblasters are blasters that were used by the Toa Nuva and Toa Ignika. The weapon draws light from the air and fires it as a solid sphere, which was especially effective against the Makuta during the final battle at Karda Nui.

The Toa Nuva had to be careful when using them, as the blasters were powered by the Light of Karda Nui, and overuse of them would result in Karda Nui being plunged into darkness. Lewa's blaster was powered by Tanma's natural ability to power weapons when linked to a Toa.

Known Users[]

In Set Form[]

The Midak Skyblasters shot silver Zamor spheres flung by a three-spoked wheel and a spring-loaded barrel. Four spheres could be loaded at a time.


  • The Midak Skyblaster was named after an eccentric Onu-Matoran who befriended Pohatu, who was always reving about the power of light, called Midak and was called a Skyblaster because of how Lewa had always wanted a weapon to be called a Skyblaster.
  • The prototype version of this weapon looked like multi-barreled Zamor Launcher.
  • Zamor Spheres can also be launched from Midak Skyblasters. 
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