"The sudden gust that resulted gave [Lewa] a quick lift. But he soon left the wind behind, floating upward on his own power."
—Narration, BIONICLE Chronicles 1: Tale of the Toa
Noble Miru
Mask of Levitation
Power(s)Let user float on air
KanokaTeleport; Weaken
Notable Wearer(s)The Toa Mata (formerly)

The Kanohi Miru was the Mask of Levitation. It gave its user the power to float and glide on air. This mask prevented falling, but provided no thrust, as the Kadin did. The user could activate and use the Kanohi's power from a standing start.

Miru were carved out of a mixture of Teleport and Weaken Kanoka on Metru Nui.

Example UsageEdit

Great: In Comic 2: Deep Into Darkness, Gali used her recently-acquired Miru to float on air, preventing her from falling off the top of a mountain.

Known WearersEdit


  • The Toa Mata - Formerly; exchanged for Golden Kanohi.
    • Tahu - Former secondary mask
    • Gali - Former secondary mask
    • Lewa - Former primary mask. Briefly wore an Infected Miru; later removed by Onua.
    • Pohatu - Former secondary mask
    • Onua - Former secondary mask
    • Kopaka - Former secondary mask




Set InformationEdit

The Miru was first released in two 2001 sets: A green one was included with Lewa, while a turquoise version came with Kongu. A supplementary Kanohi pack was released as well, and it was possible for a red, blue, white, brown or black Miru to be included as one of the pack's two randomly-selected masks. A limited edition, translucent neon green version of the Miru was also available as a promotional item at selected stores and LEGOLand.

The Miru was also available in silver or gold in a similar supplementary Kanohi pack released in 2002, along with another random gold or silver mask and three Krana.


  • The Miru is unique among the original six Great Masks for being the only one not to be released after 2002.
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