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|Homeland=}}The '''Morbuzakh''' was a giant, sentient plant created by [[Teridax]] to terrorize the city of [[Metru Nui]].
The '''Morbuzakh''' was a giant, sentient plant created by [[Teridax]] to terrorize the city of [[Metru Nui]].

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Biographical Information
Species Unique
Group '
Mask '
Colors Reddish-brown
Element/Powers '
Homeland '
Occupation Teridax's servant
Tools Vines
Location '
Status Deceased
Pronunciation '

The Morbuzakh was a giant, sentient plant created by Teridax to terrorize the city of Metru Nui.


The Morbuzakh was created by Teridax years before he impersonated Turaga Dume. The plant's purpose was to drive the Matoran into the Coliseum of Metru Nui, where they would be forced into pods, have their minds erased, and enslaved.

The Morbuzakh's King Root was planted by Makuta in Ta-Metru, the Great Furnace to be exact. The lava of the Furnace caused it to slowly grow, until it finally spread across the city, causing trouble all over Metru Nui.

After a long period of Morbuzakh attacks, the six Toa Metru finally arrived, their first mission being to secure the six Great Disks, one in each Metru, to defeat the plant. Though it tried to stop them, the Toa, with the aid of six Matoran, succeeded in claiming the disks.

The six Toa and Matoran then went to encounter the Morbuzakh's king root. However, the group was attacked by Morbuzakh seeds, and the six Matoran formed a Matoran Nui, to help them.

Morbuzakh in movie form, holding Vakama.

The Toa Metru got through to the King Root, and it tried one last time to defeat the Toa and claim the Great Disks. However, the Toa succeeded in activating the Great Disks, the combined power of the disks causing the death of the Morbuzakh.


The Morbuzakh's prototype was the Karzahni, a sentient creature. This fact caused it to rebel against Makuta Teridax, causing the necessity of a less intelligent creature. It wanted to become stronger than him and eat him. Bits of this plant are used for flotation in airships.



  • The Morbuzakh had an appearance in the 2nd BIONICLE Movie (but only once). It was shown when Vakama was holding onto the Ta-Metru Great Disk under his chin, since all of his other appendages were suspended by Morbuzakh vines.
  • In the comics, the Morbuzakh king root talks to the Toa Metru. It is unknown if this means Makuta was talking through the Morbuzakh or if the plant was talking by itself.
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