The Moto-Sled, driven by Matau
Item Information
Primary User(s)Matoran
Primary LocationMetru Nui

The Moto-Sled was a one-Matoran vehicle, created and developed by Nuparu in Metru Nui for transportational use. It is a rather fast vehicle and has two exhaust pipes, one on either side of the vehicle. Most Moto-sleds were dark green and maroon in color, while it thought that other colored moto-sleds existed. Matau was test driving a Moto-sled when he lost control, crashed and landed at Toa Lhikan's feet. When he looked up, Lhikan handed Matau a Toa Stone wrapped in a map which tells one how to get to the Great Temple. As Lhikan handed this over, he said to Matau, "Don't break it."

The Moto-sled resembles a Toa Metru foot with handle bars, an engine and a seat. Moto-sleds were only known to be used in Metru Nui.