Mount Ihu
Ice village 2
Location Information
Primary Residents'
Former ResidentsTuraga Nuju, Kopaka, Ko-Matoran
LocationMata Nui
MakutaTeridax (formerly)

Mount Ihu was a high snow-and-ice-capped mountain near the center of Mata Nui, named after Nuju's late mentor, Ihu. Kopaka usually spent his time up here, thinking.


Mount Ihu was formed when Mata Nui crash-landed on Aqua Magna. His camouflage systems malfunctioned, and Energized Protodermis creating an island over his face, and this mountain was formed along with it.

While the Toa Metru were on Mata Nui to find a location for their villages, Nuju climbed up this mountain, finding the perfect location for his village, Ko-Koro. He then named the mountain in honor of Ihu, his late Matoran mentor.

After Kopaka arrived on Mata Nui, he climbed the mountain to Ko-Koro, and Turaga Nuju told him of his quest to find his six Kanohi and defeat Teridax. found his first Kanohi mask, the Hau, on Mount Ihu, and later spied the other Toa gathering from there using his Akaku.

It was destroyed when Mata Nui was awakened, his head breaking through the island.

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