Muaka & Kane-Ra
Species Information
ColorsBlack, yellow
WeaponsClaws, teeth
Species StatusMost alive
The largest and fiercest predator in Ko-Wahi, the great cat saw anything that moved as prey.
— Narration, Tales of the Masks

Muaka were large tiger-like Rahi.


Due to their immunity to stasis, few Muaka were ever placed in the Archives, though several awake specimens were kept in a marked area. Toa Metru Whenua once encountered a Rahkshi in the Archives and released a Muaka from its pen to distract it while he rescued Tehutti. When Teridax caused the Great Cataclysm, many Muaka migrated to the island of Mata Nui. Teridax enlisted them in his Rahi army, placing them under his control through the use of Infected Kanohi.

After the Toa Mata arrived, Teridax concentrated his attack on them, utilizing his Rahi to the fullest extent. Once Lewa had recovered a Kanohi, he was ambushed by infected Nui-Rama, who knocked him out of the air into the waiting jaws of a Muaka. Onua dispatched the creature and rescued Lewa.

When the Toa Mata reunited, Teridax used the convenience of their grouping and had more Rahi attack them. Gali threw the Muaka that attacked her at Kopaka, who froze it solid.

Matoro also encountered a Muaka in The Drifts of Ko-Wahi. The beast attacked him, whom Takua was seeking at the time. Toa Kopaka arrived and saved the Matoran, backing the beast to the edge of a cliff using his newfound Kanohi Huna and Mahiki, and breaking off part of the glacier, sending the Muaka plummeting to the mountain below.

Teridax later assigned large amounts of Rahi, including Muaka, to attack Kini-Nui while the Toa Mata attempted to confront him. These Rahi conflicted various Matoran militants that had come to defend the sacred location. Eventually, the Matoran succeeded in repelling the Rahi, and the animals retreated after the defeat of Teridax. Teridax relinquished his hold over the Rahi, and the Muaka prowled the jungles of Mata Nui as they had before.

Most Muaka of Mata Nui managed to avoid the Bohrok swarms and later migrated back to the Matoran Universe after the Bohrok were released intentionally by the Toa Nuva.

A majority of the species migrated to Spherus Magna after it was reformed.

Set Information[]

  • A Muaka was released in set form in 2001, as part of the "Muaka and Kane-Ra" set. Its set number was 8538, and included 633 parts.
  • It was the only set that came with an Infected Kanohi, in the shape of a Hau.
  • It could be combined with the Kane-Ra to make a Kuma-Nui.
  • Pressing a button on its back caused its neck to telescope forward. If the infected masks mounted on its shoulders were pulled off by a Toa or another Rahi, the Muaka's forelegs would fall off, as if in injury.

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