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Biographical Information
Species Toa
Group Toa Mangai
Mask Unknown
Colors Blue
Element/Powers Water
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Toa of Water
Tools Unknown
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Status Deceased
Pronunciation Nay-ho

Naho was a Toa of Water and a former member of the Toa Mangai.


Naho was among the eleven Toa who gathered and formed a Toa team to defend Metru Nui from the Kanohi Dragon, and later remained to protect the city from further dangers. She escaped the city and warned the nearby islands that the Dark Hunters were attacking Metru Nui. As a result, a hundred Toa attacked the Dark Hunters. She and her team (except Lhikan, Tuyet and Nidhiki) were sent by Teridax, who was masquerading as Turaga Dume at the time, to shut off the gates which led to other islands. During the mission, she was killed by the Dark Hunter "Eliminator".

More than a millenium later, the Turaga named Naho Bay on Mata Nui after her. When killed by Eliminator, Naho's body was completely incinerated by the Dark Hunter's powers, and thus the AI backup of her consciousness could not be recovered. Thus, there was nothing left for the Red Star to transport, rebuild, and revive.

Dark MirrorEdit

"She came along on one of our missions to Odina to clean out that nest of Stone Rats. Offered to go after The Shadowed One herself, take all the risks. Turned out she was helping that creep escape. He got away, she didn't. Tuyet turned her over to her friend Roodaka and, well, she wound up an interesting exhibit in the Archives."
Bomonga to Takanuva

In an alternate timeline, Naho rebelled against the Toa Empire when it was invading Odina and helped The Shadowed One escape and go into hiding. Although The Shadowed One got away, Naho did not; she was captured by Tuyet and turned over to Roodaka, who mutated her into a monstrous creature. Naho was then imprisoned in the Archives.

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