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Nektann (Robots)
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The Nektann were robotic defense devices named after the Skakdi warlord, Nektann. They resembled large, automated Zamor Launchers that were used by Skakdi. They are like a robotic Zamor Launcher and guarded the Piraka's Stronghold. They could be stationary or maneuverable units.

Nektann fired what appear to be sonic blasts. They were armored on all sides, but vulnerable on the bottom. Even when destroyed, they could reassemble themselves, much like the Vahki on Metru Nui.

There were also a number of Nektann located on Zakaz, which guarded the city from incoming airships or other air crafts, which made traveling to Zakaz via air so dangerous.

Known Nektann[]

Picture Description
Nektannrobot Defense Nektann: The most common Nektann. It was most often used to invade Matoran places.
ScoutNektann Scout Nektann: A guard Nektann. It could be destroyed easily.
VNOLG Repair Nektann Repair Nektann: It doesn't possess weapons. They repaired other Nektann.
VNOLG Debuff Nektann Debuff Nektann: Lacks damaging weapons. They had the ability to lower an enemy's attributes.
VNOLG Combat Nektann Combat Nektann: A more powerful defense Nektann.
VNOLG Black Nektann Black Nektann: An advanced Scout Nektann that could emit powerful blasts.
No Image Key Master: Nektann that guard Piraka keys and were very hard to defeat.
VNOLG Master Nektann Master Nektann: The most powerful Nektann. Its fire blaster could defeat a Matoran in seconds.

Guard Nektann

Guardian: A special type of Nektann, it was a small flyer that could be easily destroyed.

Outpost nektann

Outpost Nektann: A kind of stationary Nektann that was found in all the Piraka Outposts guarding Mount Valmai and the Piraka Stronghold.


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