Species Information
GroupBrotherhood of Makuta
Colorsblack, yellow, orange, silver, blue
WeaponsWings, venomous bites
Species StatusSome dead

Niazesk were insect-like Rahi created by the Brotherhood of Makuta (specifically Bitil) in order to keep larger Rahi in check by using venomous bites. The Makuta then spread them all across the Matoran Universe in order to do so.

Mutran brought several of these Rahi to Karda Nui when the Makuta invaded it. They were mutated by the swamp water in the Swamp of Secrets and enlarged, becoming 7 feet (2.1 metres) tall and their venom strengthened. Several of these Niazesk attacked Takanuva, Gali and Pohatu in the Swamp of Secrets, but were defeated by Takanuva's Shadow blast. All the Niazesk in Karda Nui were later incinerated in the Energy Storms.

Set Info

The instructions for a Niazesk was in a LEGO Brickmaster issue in May. The sets needed to built a Niazesk were Toa Ignika, Pohatu Phantoka and Makuta Vamprah.


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