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{{character Infobox
{{character Infobox
|12 = white
|12 = navy
|1 = No image available
|1 = No image available
|13 = blue
|13 = white
|2 = [[Matoran]], [[Toa]]
|2 = [[Matoran]], [[Toa]]
|3 = [[First Toa Team]]
|3 = [[First Toa Team]]

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Of course it was – we won, didn’t we, thanks to you. We’re Toa. Don’t we always win in the end? So stop frowning and come on, the Matoran are putting on a celebration for us.

–Nikila to Lesovikk in a vision he had of an alternate past

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Biographical Information
Species Matoran, Toa
Group First Toa Team
Mask Mask of Possibilities
Colors {{{5}}}
Element/Powers Lightning
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation {{{7}}}
Tools Trident
Location {{{9}}}
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Nih-kee-lah

Nikila was a Toa of Lightning from the First Toa Team. She died along with the others from their team during a battle against some rogue Zyglak.


Nikila was a Matoran of Lightning but nothing is known about her Matoran life. At the time of the Toa Mata's creation, Nikila was transformed into a Toa and joined the First Toa Team. Nikila and her team were stationed originally on a southern island, where they encountered a tribe of Zyglak. In the following battle, Lesovikk hesitated for a split second, giving the Zyglak the upper hand. Nikila was killed in the battle, and only Lesovikk escaped.

Alternate Past

When Lesovikk had attempted a sneak approach on Karzahni, he was given a vision through Karzahni's Olisi of the day Nikila and his other teammates had died. The difference was that in the vision, they had battled a sentient cloud of acid and had all lived. Lesovikk was enthralled by seeing them again and fell into a trance that he did not want to leave. He managed to leave the trance when Nikila said Zyglak hence reminding Lesovikk how his team died. So he decided to look away knowing that it was all a lie.


Nikila was Lesovikk's best friend, she was the tactical leader of the team. She was a bit overconfident, believing that Toa were invincible.

Powers and Abilities

Nikila controlled Lightning. Therefore, she could attack opponents with blasts of electricity and summon lightning bolts, among other electricity-based powers. Nikila had a Mask of Possibilities and a trident.


  • Nikila was the first Toa of Lightning introduced in the story; previous to that it was only known as a power and not as an official element.


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