Protector of Stone Set
Biographical Information
Group Protectors
Mask Elemental Stone Protector Mask
Colors Orange-brown, transparent neon yellow, silver
Element/Powers Stone, Sand
Homeland Okoto
Occupation Protector of Stone
Tools Elemental Sandstone Blaster
Location The desert region of Okoto
Status Alive
Pronunciation (nil-i-kuu)
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Nilkuu is the Protector of Stone and the elder of the villagers who resided in the desert region of Okoto.


Nilkuu inherited the position of defending a village in Okoto's Region of Stone from his father. He was also told of the Prophecy of Heroes, which his ancestors had learned from the Mask Maker Ekimu after his battle with Makuta, to be recited in times of peril.

Eventually, Skull Spiders began to menace Okoto, and Nilkuu set out to join his fellow Protectors and recite the Prophecy. During this time, he met a young islander named Bingzak, who helped accompany him to the Temple of Time when Nilkuu was lost in the Region of Jungle. When the stars aligned, as foretold by the Prophecy of Heroes, Nilkuu joined the other Protectors at the temple and recited the Prophecy. Nilkuu returned to his region with Bingzak, waiting until six Toa fell from the sky onto Okoto.

Nilkuu sought out Pohatu, and guided him through the Region of Stone for weeks to a temple where the Golden Mask of Stone was hidden. At the temple, Nilkuu held off a horde of Skull Spiders and was nearly overpowered, but Pohatu used the Golden Mask to overcome the Skull Spiders. Nilkuu then advised him to travel to the City of the Mask Makers to join with the other Toa, parting ways with him when it came time for Pohatu to cross a mountain range.

In response to a summons from Protector of Jungle Vizuna, Nilkuu joined the Protectors again, this time at the City of the Mask Makers, in order to lend aid to the Toa. Making their way into the city through an alternate route, the Protectors found themselves in the underbelly of the ruined metropolis. While there they battled hundreds of Skull Spiders, but were befriended-Nilkuu in particular-by a massive snake whom they freed from the evil creatures. They then entered the city and eventually found the Toa, and soon bowed before Ekimu, fulfilling a prophecy they had seen carved beneath the city.

Personality and Traits[]

Nilkuu is wise, and has been entrusted with sacred knowledge passed down among the Protectors, such as the Prophecy of Heroes. While a confident warrior, Nilkuu struggles to navigate outside of his native region, though he is not one to admit this fact to his fellow Protectors. Nilkuu is highly optimistic and a firm believer in destiny, confident that what has been prophesied will come to pass.

Powers and Equipment[]

Nilkuu wears a special Elemental Stone Mask, passed down from generation to generation. He also wields an Elemental Sandstone Blaster.

Set Information[]

  • Set Number 70779.
  • Contains 73 parts.
  • Includes a dark blue Skull Spider.
  • Can be combined with Pohatu (70785)
  • Stands over 5” (15cm) tall

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