Nokama's Hut
MNOG Nokama's Hut
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Former ResidentsNokama
MakutaNone (Teridax)

Nokama's Hut was the residence in Ga-Koro where Turaga Nokama lived. It contained a lightstone which Takua found to raise the Ga-Koro escape hut. Nokama's residence was damaged shortly after the escape hut was raised during a battle with Gali and a Tarakava. Nokama's hut was expanded after the Bohrok-Kal were defeated. When the Matoran left Mata Nui, the hut was abandoned. It was later destroyed after the Bohrok were unleashed upon Mata Nui by the Toa Nuva, as part of a list of tasks to be done for Mata Nui's awakening.


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