Northern Continent
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsMatoran, Rahi
LocationNorth of the Southern Continent, south of Karzahni and Zakaz
SizeFar larger than Mata Nui
MakutaGorast, Krika (both deceased)

The Northern Continent was a large landmass in the Matoran Universe. It was located north of the Southern Continent and the Pit, but south of Karzahni, Zakaz, and Metru Nui. The Tren Krom Peninsula was attached to the Northern Continent. The Continent had many Makuta assigned to it, because it was too large for just one Makuta to watch over. The Northern Continent was mainly inhabited by Ko-Matoran, Ta-Matoran, Le-Matoran and De-Matoran, although other types of Matoran may have inhabited it as well.

On the far southern side of the continent lies the Tren Krom Peninsula which was the former home of both Vultraz, Mazeka and Krakua. Nidhiki also lived on the continent at one point, although not on the Tren Krom Peninsula.

After Makuta Teridax's death at the hands of Mata Nui, the inhabitants of the continent relocated to Spherus Magna.



  • Gorast - Formerly; now deceased
  • Krika - Formerly; now deceased


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