Even as [Icarax] gloats over his triumph, I am summoning every last bit of moisture from the air for hundreds of kios around. I am merging it together, bending it to my will, preparing to unleash all my elemental power in one single explosion of force. And I do ... and I hope to the Great Beings I never will again.
Gali Nuva, Toa Nuva Blog

A Nova Blast was an extremely powerful ability, often considered to be a last resort, which was unleashed when a Toa gathered and released all of their elemental energy at once. After a Toa had performed one, they were unable to use any elemental powers until their energies had recharged. They were rarely used because of their highly destructive and often lethal force.

Toa Hordika couldn't perform Nova Blasts, as they lacked the focus necessary to do so. Despite this, they could charge their Rhotuka to near-Nova levels. Turaga were unable to unleash Nova Blasts, simply because their elemental power levels were insignificant. Maskless Toa could perform significantly weakened Nova Blasts, however. "Toa" Ignika could also perform a Nova Blast, despite not being a true Toa.



  • In BIONICLE: The Game, Gali Nuva and Onua Nuva could perform a non-canonical variant of the Nova Blast called Nuva Blast. This predates the Nova Blast concept, and may have inspired it.