A Nova Blast was an extremely powerful elemental blast released when a Toa expended all of their Elemental Energy at once, resulting in an extremely powerful explosion of that Element. This explosion would almost completely destroy anything in its radius. Once a Toa had done one of these, they couldn't use Elemental powers until their Elemental Energy had recharged. They were rarely used because of their destructive and deadly force.


In BIONICLE, only one Nova Blast has been used so far. Toa Nuva Gali once used a Water Nova Blast as a last resort when she and the other Toa Nuva were fighting Makuta Icarax in Karzahni. She created a huge flood of water that destroyed the entire realm.


  • Toa Hordika couldn't perform Nova Blasts, as they lacked the focus necessary, although they could charge their Rhotuka to near-Nova levels.
  • "Toa" Ignika could perform a Nova Blast, despite not being a real Toa.
  • Toa Metru Vakama once considered unleashing a Fire Nova Blast during his fight against a fire creature, but decided against it, because it would destroy everything in a huge radius.
  • In Death of a Hero , Toa Mahri Jaller almost unleashed a Fire Nova Blast before he was teleported back to Metru Nui. Once there, he had to force down his powers in order to avoid destroying the entire city.
  • In Reign of Shadows, Toa Helryx was about to perform a Water Nova Blast while inside the mind of the Teridax-controlled Matoran Universe, when she was interrupted.
  • Maskless Toa could perform weakened Nova Blasts.
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