Species Information
ColorsYellow-green, black, orange
WeaponsWings, claws
Species StatusActive

Nui-Kopen were giant wasp Rahi that were related to the Nui-Rama that guarded the inner parts of the nests, but Le-Matoran learned to tame them and use them for transportation. During the Makuta Wars, one Nui-Kopen was seen in the Nui-Rama Hive containing the enslaved citizens of Le-Koro, having stolen Lewa's Great Miru and replaced it with an infected Kanohi; after Lewa was freed from the infected mask by Onua, this Nui-Kopen specimen was controlled by the Komau-using Toa of Air. Later, Roodaka rode a mutated Nui-Kopen when she left the Coliseum in Metru Nui.

Set Info

A Nui-Kopen could be made from combining two Nui-Rama. Instructions were included in the 2001 Nui-Rama set.

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