Species Information
ColorsOrange and black or
Lime and black
Species StatusAlive
PronunciationNew-ee Ram-uh

Nui Rama were large, insect-like Rahi. The creatures have been seen as either orange or lime-green, and had a pair of massive claws and a stinger, which made them deadly foes.


Metru Nui[]

On Metru Nui, Nui Rama were the earliest recorded Rahi annoyances. Their main food was liquid Protodermis, so they lived mainly around or in Le-Metru, eating off the Chutes as it was safer than eating from the ocean. They would use their stinger to cut the Chutes and suck up the Protodermis. If the Nui Rama would gather in a large enough group, the Chutes would occasionally lose so much Protodermis that they would collapse.

Mata Nui[]

Great Cataclysm[]

After the Great Rescue, the Nui Rama, along with the Matoran, moved to Mata Nui. There they would mainly nest in Le-Wahi, although sometimes in Ta-Wahi too.

Matoran-Rahi War[]

Nui-Rama Hive in MNOG

Nui-Rama's hive

Like most Rahi on Mata Nui, they had been given infected masks by Teridax and forced to do his bidding, spying on the Matoran and the Toa Mata. A Nui Rama in Ko-Wahi once attacked Kopaka and Matoro, causing them to fall off the edge of a cliff. The Nui Rama swarm in Le-Wahi had launched two attacks on Le-Koro, kidnapping Turaga Matau and many of the Le-Matoran and taking them to their hive. They also placed an Infected Mask on Lewa, so he was under Makuta's command. After the masks were removed, the Nui Rama stopped fighting and were tamed. The Gukko Force even began to ride Nui Rama in addition to Gukko.

Set Information[]

  • A Nui-Rama set was released as a 2001 Titan. Two Nui-Rama were included, one orange and one lime green. Notable pieces were the four clear-blue Ruru masks that covered their eyes. The set number is 8537 and it contains 154 pieces.
  • A trigger which is the tail of the Nui Rama could be pressed to make the wings snap forward.
  • The Nui-Kopen could be built from the two of them.

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