Nui-Rama Hive
Location Information
Primary Residents
Former ResidentsNui-Rama
MakutaTeridax (formerly)

The Nui-Rama Hive was a nest for the Nui-Rama in Le-Wahi, dangerously near Le-Koro. It served as a staging ground for attacks by tainted Rahi. It also hosted protodermis mines, presumably for Teridax.

It could be considered the "base" from which the Rama attacked the Le-Matoran. These mines were enforced by odd taskmasters: glowing Hoto bugs that would deliver a shock to misbehaving Matoran. When the Toa Mata first arrived on Mata Nui, most of Le-Koro's population, not to mention Taipu were captured, and forced to work in the mines, Lewa was infected by an Infected Kanohi, while a Nui-Kopen kept his real Kanohi Miru. But, with the help of Onua, some help from Lewa after the infected Kanohi was removed by Onua, Takua, Taipu, Kongu and the rest of the Gukko Force, Turaga Matau and the other Le-Koronans escaped.

The Nui-Rama later evacuated the hive to Metru Nui when the Bohrok swarms were unleashed and it was destroyed when Mata Nui awakened.

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