Biographical Information
Species Robots
Group Vahki
Mask '
Colors Dark Red, Green
Element/Powers '
Homeland {{{Homeland}}}
Occupation Law Enforcer
Tools Staffs of Command, Kanoka
Location Ta-Metru
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation New-rahk

Nuurakh were the type of Vahki designed and assigned to protect and maintain order in Ta-Metru.


Nuurakh Animation

Nuurakh were created by Nuparu after being asked to create a replacement for the Kralhi, the original, failed law enforcement for Metru Nui.

After Teridax caused the Great Cataclysm, he had absorbed the city's power supply, which created a surge that either destroyed or reprogrammed the Vahki. The reprogramming caused the Vahki to gain the directive that the city would be safe if nothing were alive.

All of the surviving Nuurakh were then destroyed by the Visorak, during their occupation of Metru Nui.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

They were the fastest of the Vahki and preferred to lie in wait of targets and then swiftly surround them in ambushes. At times when they couldn't find lawbreakers, they had been known to start fights with each other that other Vahki had to break up.

Their Staffs of Command could fill the mind of a Matoran with a single overriding directive, which they would follow until the stun wore off hours later.

Set Information Edit

  • A Nuurakh was released as a Canister set in 2004.
  • It had 33 pieces.
  • its set number is 8614.

Appearances Edit

Vahki (v|e)

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Prototype model: Kralhi

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