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Nynrah Ghosts
Nynrah Ghosts Information
Species AffliationMatoran
AlliesTheir clients
GoalConstruct weapons/tools for whoever hires them

The Nynrah Ghosts were a group of approximately four dozen Fe-Matoran (Matoran of Iron) crafters from the island of Nynrah. Little is known about them, except that they modified the armor of the Makuta when the Makuta evolved. They also created the Nynrah Ghostblasters, hence the name.

Other devices they made were the Exo-Toa, Zamor Launchers, and Fohrok. However, they secretly sabotaged the Fohrok, and upon learning of this, the Brotherhood of Makuta hired multiple Dark Hunters to execute the Matoran responsible. Eventually, only two Nynrah Ghosts were left. One of them became a Dark Hunter named Phantom while the other left to Stelt as a rogue Ghost. He modified Vultraz's Skyfighter and, due to his slow response to Mazeka, has a crushed mask.

At some point, they took the Matoran Gaardus and transformed him into a creature meant to defend Nynrah. He later killed Nynrah Ghost exiles.

Alternate Universe

Dark Mirror

In the "Toa Empire" Parallel Universe, the Nynrah Ghosts were wiped out by a team of Toa led by Nidhiki solely because the Nynrah Ghosts were capable of making something that could be a threat to the Toa Empire.

The Kingdom

They evacuated to Mata Nui after the Great Spirit's death and still play at secrecy. One Nynrah Ghost gave Takanuva his Power Lance and Midak Skyblaster. Another Nynrah Ghost became part of Turaga Takanuva's ruling council.

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