255px-Odina map
Location Information
Primary ResidentsNone
Former ResidentsDark Hunters, Cliff Screechers
LocationMatoran Universe
MakutaNone (currently)
Vamprah (formerly)

Odina was the Dark Hunters' primary base.


During the early stages of the Dark Hunters, Odina was found by "The Shadowed One" and "Ancient" as they sought out to find a location from which they can plant the seed of their organization to. In the end, they picked Odina as it was heavily barricaded by mountains and very hard to breach. Eventually, Odina would be equipped with weapons of many kinds, along with many training facilities where new or old Dark Hunters are tested or trained. The island also has many buildings, such as "The Shadowed One"'s fortress. Odina is currently acting as the command point for the current Dark Hunters - Brotherhood of Makuta War. It was overrun by Rahkshi, forcing the hunters to relocate to Xia. It was evacuated after the defeat of Teridax.

Pohatu and Lewa were on Odina, but left for their next mission.


An island barricaded by huge peaks, Odina is the base of the Dark Hunters. Situated far from any trading or traveling routes, "The Shadowed One", the ruler of the island, believes the island is hidden from everyone although, unknown to anyone, the Order of Mata Nui has known of its location for centuries.



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