Takanuva took [the sundial] even as Brutaka triggered the power of his mask. A hole opened in space, its edges ragged and distorted, and its size fluctuating wildly. [...] the hole disappeared with an audible pop.
— Narration
Mask of Dimensional Gates
Power(s)Let user create portals
Notable Wearer(s)Brutaka (Formerly),
Vezon (Fused to head)

The Kanohi Olmak was the Mask of Dimensional Gates.


There were only two known Olmak in the Matoran Universe, both of which were created by the legendary crafter Artakha.

The Order of Mata Nui agent Brutaka wielded the first one, although Mutagen later damaged the Kanohi during the agent's brief imprisonment in the Pit. This made future uses of its power very risky, as Brutaka had next-to-no control over the mask's power. Eventually, the Kanohi was destroyed by Makuta Teridax while he was in the body of the Great Spirit Mata Nui.

The second Olmak originally belonged to a Toa from Jovan's Team, who used the mask to transport their team out of Karda Nui before Energy Storms consumed them. The Order of Mata Nui later stole this mask and used it to transport the rogue Toa of Water Tuyet to an alternate timeline. The mask was eventually stolen again, this time by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Eventually the mask fell into the hands of Makuta Tridax, who used the Olmak's power to travel to dozens of alternate timelines. There, he abducted their respective Takanuva and imprisoned them in the main dimension's Destral. After he had done so, Tridax was killed by Order agent Tobduk, who then left the Olmak alone on Destral. The rogue clone Vezon later stole the Kanohi and used its power to travel to an island in the southern part of the Matoran Universe. There he was exposed to Energized Protodermis, fusing the Olmak into his head and granting him its dimension-crossing powers.

Currently, no other Olmak are known to exist within the main dimension/timeline.

Dark Mirror[]

In the Toa Empire Alternate Timeline, Brutaka was murdered by the Toa Hagah and his Olmak held in the Coliseum's Hall of Masks. The Tuyet of the Dark Mirror timeline eventually used the mask as part of an attempt to escape into another timeline, but was stopped by Takanuva. The Olmak then became lost in interdimensional space when Tuyet tried to stop Takanuva.


The Kanohi Olmak gave its user the power to open a dimensional gate to transport one or more targets to a different dimension or another location within their current one. The portal could remain open until something passed through it, even if its creator was knocked unconscious.

Example Usage[]

Great: Brutaka used his Olmak to accidentally transport Takanuva to a pocket dimension in BIONICLE Legends 10: Swamp of Secrets.

Known Wearers[]


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